Core Values

Our values are at the heart of our teaching practices and define the standards of ethical conduct we foster in our children. Each individual at SVSSS internalises these values:


I am asensitive individual who values and accepts differences, respects nature andthe environment and upholds the rights of all individuals.


I havethe highest standards of integrity, consistently displaying trustworthiness andcourage in all that I undertake and fairness in all my interactions. I placehigh value on time and hard work.

Pride in One's Heritage

I amknowledgeable about the cultural heritage of my country, appreciative anddemonstrative of its finest traditions while continuing to be progressive andforward thinking in my outlook with a strong sense of social responsibility.

Pursuit of Excellence

I ampart of a teaching – learning process which is creative, innovative andcollaborative and which strives to create and promote excellence in everythingI do.



Antidepresivos Isrs

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