Refunds and cancellation

1. In case, inadvertently, the amounthas been donated to the Institute more than once for the samepurpose/objective, the excess amount paid, on request, will be refunded within07 to 10 working days.

2. After receipt of donation amount no request forrefund/cancellation or adjustment etc. shall be entertained under anycircumstance.

3. Donor cannot request refunds simply because theydid not receive sign-up information, username/password, activation email &confirmation mail and/or are unable to access further required informationinstantly. If any of these problems occur, they can raise a complaint &request for related information by emailing us at andwe will respond back with the missing details within 7 days. In many cases,such problems occur due to spam filters in the email servers of donor.

4. No refund is made of extra bank charges incurredby donor in case of cheque or ECS bounc.

5. Cancellation/refund request will be entertainedonly in case of unauthorized payment made from a third party account withoutthe knowledge of the account holder.