Our History

The St. VivekanandSr. Sec. School were born out of the ideology that children must be given anenvironment that makes them want to come to school every day. The schools,which were founded in 1991 by Mrs. Kamal Rai, follow her personal principle ofpromoting individuality through value-based education which promotes a globaloutlook yet retains intrinsic Indian cultural traditions. Her guidance has alsoled The St. Vivekanand Sr. Sec. School to lay a great emphasis oninclusiveness.

St. Vivekanand Sr.Sec. School believes in inspiring the students to become successful andresponsible citizens. The curriculum is delivered through an innovativecombination of classroom and activity-led learning. It is our mission to blendstrong cultural fundamentals of the Gurukul Heritage and other traditionalsystems with advanced modern learning tools, thus providing a new direction ineducation. We not only believe in imparting mere education, but also imbibe inspiritual learning.