Smart School

Learning becomes effective when thesensory organs receive practical experience.Our Audio Visual Smart classroomsare equipped to give practical (audio and visual) experience to the students. SVSSSoffers futuristic facilities where SmartClass technology is used, to themaximum advantage. Each Smartclass is provided with a Digital board, a Computerand LCD projector. Interactive learning is promoted through these ICT Smartboards, that make education, an exhilarating experience for the students.


Life Lines

The school has DG set, firefightingequipments, CCTV surveillance, centralised PA system, Back Music arrangement,EPABX System, Unlimited Broad Band internet facility, WIfi, Students ManagementSoftware, Water Coolers, RO & UV Water Purifiers, Campus Security, Topiaryand amusement Park,Well maintained Lawns & stage for cultural events.


School provides a wellstocked Library with collection of more than 8,000 commendably classifiedbooks, reference books, Magazines and prominent local and national dailies.Thelibrary strives to make resources accessible when and whenever they are neededto enhance and promote the total growth and development of the students.

Music, Dance and DramaLab

Dance & Music areintegral to the curriculum developed by the school. The school provides the labwell equipped with sound system, keyboards, drums, harmonica, guitars and othermusical instruments to produce beats to facilitate foot tapping. The fulllength wall mirrors make students visualize their performances for dancing andacting.

Art & Craft Room

The school provides anart & craft room to loose the imagination of the children and a medium fortheir expression. A trained art teacher supported by well sourced and qualitysupplies ensures that there are no bounds to the child’s creativity.



Adbhut Kaksh

The School has a room wecall Adbhut kaksh where student meditate and try to find the inner peace andrejenuvate themselves.




Education Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP is a web based system that enablesparents to access students’ information and continual progress in real time.Parents can access students and school related activities on the web using asecured login provided to them. It is a programme that integrates all data andprocesses of the school into a single unified system. It is a complete schoolmanagement and effective resource planning tool. School ERP is the link betweeneveryday school life of students and his/her growth. ERP provides informationof students and school:- The students profile and details as it exists in theschool records, Attendance, Discipline, Date sheet, Monthly Planner, Datesheet, Marks and Grades obtained in Examinations, Latest Circulars and noticesissued.