In its attempt to ensure a healthy and comfortable environment in the school campus, SVSSSL has formed a Disaster Management Committee.

The teaching and non-teaching staff of SVSSSL have been divided into various teams and have been given the basic training to tackle emergency situations. Various teams are directly working under the supervision of the school Principal. Safe infrastructure, internal and external security, periodic evacuation drill, workshop and training sessions for the staff and the students are some of the regular activities and features. Proper coordination with local authorities such as DDMA North West HQ, Local MCD, Police Station, Local Fire Station, nearby hospitals, CATs, and developing communication system with parents during emergency are also taken into serious consideration.

Regular mock-drills are conducted as per norms for unforeseen emergencies. Evacuation plans are displayed in each classroom and students are trained about how to exit and reassemble class-wise in an emergency. Attendance by the class teachers is taken soon after to ensure that no student is left behind in the building.