Inclusive Education

Modern education and training have failed to produce men and leaders of character and integrity who can make India attain its past glory. Not only in India, but worldwide, there is a cry for going back to basic values. In order to produce enlightened citizens, we conduct Value Education Programs on Human Resources Development, Self-Development, Leadership and Personality Development etc. for students and teachers of educational institutions. These are based ontime-tested Indian wisdom. It is proposed to extend the program to rural areas.Several audio visual aids have been developed to make it attractive. We areconducting Education programs in our school since 2010.

Our Objective:

1.     To Inspire students towards enlightened citizenship

2.     To make the Students aware and convinced of the higher dimensions of education, work and life.

3.     To enable students to plan and harmonize their thoughts-actions-goals towards the higher.

4.     To help students to get established in self-development practices to develop powers of mind –viveka, strength and fearlessness to walk the critical path towards the highest perfection and happiness.

Programs for Students, Teachers, Parents on Request of Schools/Colleges
(1 to 4 hour Programs or Longer):

1.     ‘Success Formula’ I (one-hour):Developing Inner Strength for Consistent Success with peace & joy. This is a 1-hour Multi-media Introductory Program. It covers different aspects of success. What is success? Strategies to achieve consistent Success; Importance of developing Inner Strength; Case studies to show that all our choices can either help or retard strength for achieving success

2.     ‘Success Formula’ II (four-hours):This is a Workshop on Consistent Success: It helps understand that unless wenurture the ROOTS, character strength, we cannot enjoy FRUITS of Success.

3.     A 3-years Enlightened Citizenship program: for Classes VII, VIII and IX (Being evolved)

4.     General Programs:

    1. Developing Powers of Mind: Human Excellence
    2. Peace Education
    3. Personality Development
    4. Value Education
    5. Self-development
    6. Leadership
    7. confidence, discrimination, concentration, will, etc.
    8. Value & Health Education: Harmful effects of Tobacco, Prevention of TB
    9. Awareness of potential & how to maximize it
    10. Time Management & Harmonizing Values, Beliefs, Desires, Goals, Thoughts

5.     Facilitate Starting& Running of Study Circles/Youth Forum (1-hour per week)

6.     Programs for Teachers

7.     Training of Teachersas Resource Person



Smartclass did what no one had ever thought of before, bringtechnology into the classroom. It brought an exhaustive repository of worldclass digital modules or lessons, (consisting of 2D and 3D animations,graphics, audio and video) on every subject in the K12 spectrum, which theteacher could easily access and project in the classroom that illuminated andexplained abstract and difficult concepts with liquid clarity. The result wasamazing. Knowledge flourished freed from the centuries old bonds of books andchalk and blackboard. A new light of understanding dawned on young awakenedminds. And the classroom became a fascinating place to be in as a newgeneration of learners saw (instead of just being told and explained) for thefirst time how things happened. And the teacher smiled as she now saw not justone, two or three but a sea of hands go up every time she asked a question.

Now, imagine a Science teacher explaining how a DNA replicates,a History teacher teaching a class about the Harappan Civilisation, or a Geographyteacher teaching how Block mountains are formed. The best of teachers takepains to explain the concepts largely depending on their own abilities. Thestudents listen to the teachers, try to decipher the figures drawn on theblackboard and read from their text books, take notes and try hard to visualizehow it happens and remember. At the end of the class, the teacher asks a fewrandom questions to assess how the class fared. Invariably a few hands (mostlyof the same set of brightest students in class), go up, the answers are givenand the class ends.

Smartclass brings about a complete transformation in classrooms.The Science teacher while explaining how a DNA replicates is able to show theclass a 3D animation of the DNA replication process on a large screen. She canexplain the fine points of the process, zoom in to show the relevant visuals,freeze and annotate when and where she needs to emphasise. Similarly theHistory teacher shows the class a virtual walk through of the HarappanCivilisation. Uncovering the relevant parts step by step as a part of herlesson plan , while the Geography teacher shows a virtual Block mountain beingformed…all with engaging animations, colors, music, sounds and voice. Theteachers gain complete attention and interest of every child in the class.Every child gets a visual input on how it happens and the concepts are wellunderstood and internalised.

Towards the end of the class, every teacher displays a set ofquestions on a large screen, every child in class gets ready to answer thequestions with their personal answering device – SAS. Students click theanswers, instantly, teachers are able to get a score sheet for every child inclass. She ends the class re –teaching the parts of the lesson that were notunderstood well by class.

The result: faster and accurate understanding of the concepts inclass and consequently improvement in the overall academic performance ofstudents. Now all of this was possible with smartclass as it existed beforeCTS.

With CTS a lot more is possible. The science teachers can use aDiagram Drawer which plays a step by step line drawing animation of say how todraw stages of DNA replication or block mountain formation. She can get abrilliant Teaching Idea by clicking on the Teaching Idea icon before shecommences teaching. Or use the Topic Synopsis or Mind Map to recapitulate thesalient points of a lesson or concept taught. She can also click on Simulationto show virtual experiments without having rely on limited Lab availability.There are Worksheets, Weblinks and then in the days to come access tosmartclass Teacher Fraternity Resources an ideas and best practices portalwhich will give any teacher to share and access pedagogical expertise.


·           Improves teacher effectiveness and productivity in class.

·           It brings abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to lifeinside classrooms.

·           Makes learning an enjoyable experience for students.

·           Improves academic performance of students.

·           Enables instant formative assessment of learning outcomes inclass.

·           It also enables teachers to instantly assess and evaluate thelearning achieved by their students in class.


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